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Spice Klub, Quattro, Rolling Pin and DesiKlub - Lemon Chilli Brands


The Perfect Blend Of Flavours And Spice


About Quattro

Progressive Italian & Mexican Cuisine, a journey through Gastronomic experience while keeping the Authentic touch alive. Quattro's all-Vegetarian Menu is known for it's signature Pizzas & Pastas, while also serving Mexican classics such as Quesadillas, along with Sizzlers. Quattro whips up a Fun setting to grab an experimental meal with friends & family, while transcending you to Italy & Mexico with it's bright rustic hues & music. Quattro Dubai is franchised from the evergreen Mumbai chain that runs with the same brand name, proud to be serving Jain food!

The marriage of Italian & Mexican cuisines is a fairly inventive one. Rustic Italian + Spicy Mexican. The thread that hold them together is the top-notch quality of its ingredients! Quattro has a breezy, warm, cosy feel to it, lots of light and lightness. Woody, blue and beige/white themed. Indoor plants. Informal, yet not missing out on the 'finer' points. Must try:

Ginger & Watermelon Mojito, Chilled Melon & Feta Salad, Taquitos, Garlic Bread with Cheese, Fajita Pizza, Ravioli Rose, Sizzlers, Tres Leches, Tiramisu & Magical Candle

About SpiceKlub

Modern Indian Cuisine, reinventing the traditional North Indian & Street Food experience. Known for serving a one-of-a-kind Vegetarian menu with a Molecular twist, with food that comes to your Table like art pieces. At SpiceKlub, your family dinner or office gathering will undoubtedly be a colourful & vibrant one going through the culinary creativity. SpiceKlub Dubai is a Franchise of the popular Mumbai restaurant of the same name, proud to be serving Jain food!

Not just its scientific trickery, SpiceKlub's ornate colourful Rangoli-inspired wall (Sculpted and hand-painted!) is probably the most photographed thing in the restaurant, which has interesting light fixtures and comfortable seating all around. Bright kites, inventive bicycle-tyre lanterns along with couple of Swing-seats, SpiceKlub's riot of colors progresses towards a classy Indian decor!

From delicious chaats to four-cheese papads, to rasmalai and saffron mousse-stuffed chocolate pots, and even gluten-free rotis, SpiceKlub won't leave you disappointed. Every dish is designed to blow you away not just in taste, but in looks as well (they're all Instagram-worthy!). Must try:

Mango on the Rocks, Coconut Water with Rose Caviar, Pav Bhaji Fondue, Pani Puri, Galouti Kebab, Kadhai Paneer, Veg Dum Biryani, Bubbling Kulfi & Old School Lollies

  • Opposite Aster Hospital, Near Sharaf DG, Kuwait Street, Mankhool
    588617484, 588273244

  • Opposite Aster Hospital, Near Sharaf DG, Kuwait Street, Mankhool
    588617484, 588273244